Welcome to "The Con"

Colleen and Ariel here to tell you about our thesis project and original series pilot presentation for "The Con." We're taking our love of heists, cons, and awesome leading ladies and mixing them up into one hour long dramedy in the vein of Oceans 11, Leverage, White Collar and The Brothers Bloom . You know, the classics. The Con is about a female con artist who's out for blood for the evil corporation behind her brother's mysterious disappearance. It's got sass. It's got sexy banter. It's got crazy complicated heist plans. It has a team of mismatched lovable criminals.  

For our thesis, we're filming the first sequence of the pilot, in which Della, the protagonist, recruits an old friend and master thief who's out of the game to her badass team. Shooting will take place Dec 9th - 11th. So stay tuned for updates. :)

"I'm not thrilled they set this in Mexico. There could be legitimate reasons, but Mexico's- and I don't like to simplistically vilify an entire country- but Mexico's a horrible place." - The Brothers Bloom, Rian Johnson