I am a Netflix addict and a lifelong lover of stories. For me, there can never be too many superhero shows (I love you Greg Berlanti!), and never too few soaps. I have two life dreams: to be a television writer, and to win an Olympic gold in curling. I’ve never actually played curling, but I WON’T LET THAT STOP ME.

My all-time favorite shows are: Doctor Who, Stargate SG-1, Psych, and The Flash.


My Uncle used to warn me that one day I’d have tv shaped eyes. Little does he know I watch hours upon hours of television a week, and hope to write for it. I love just about everything aside from overtly graphic horrific programs and cheesy sci-fi. My goal in life is to move to Spain, marry Ethan Hawke and run a mile in less than ten minutes, in that order.

My all-time favorite shows are: Alias, You're the Worst, The Fall and The Newsroom.


Besides watching and reviewing all the new television pilots on our podcast Miss Cinematic Podcast, we will also be regularly updating this site with reviews of other episodes/ongoing shows, thoughts about TV and life in general.

We credit all the beautiful pictures that populate this website to the wonderful Emily Kneeter. You can check out the rest of her badass pictures @ emilykneeter.com