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Pilot Lite

The gratest thing since sliced cheese, Pilot Lite is the original Miss Cinematic podcast, where each week we watch a new TV pilot and rate it, so you don't have to!

City of Booze

You listened, so we listened; our original review of "Shadowhunters" was such a runaway hit on Pilot Lite, we made it into its own podcast! Wherein we discuss the show and drink nephilim-inspired cocktails.

The MissCinematic Blog

We write about TV, cinema, and life in Los Angeles. Is there a show we didn't cover in Pilot Lite? Maybe we'll review it in print! Are you, like us, obsessed with watching reruns of Teen Wolf just so you can fangirl over Coach Bobby Finstock? Join us here and obsess with us! 

A first date is like a pilot episode. Are they ever really that great? - @overheardla

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